75 clean eating summer time snacks for kids

Simple rules for knowing when to eat a snack

  1. You feel hungry between meals (even in the evening)
    Feeling hungry between meals is normal for some people. So do not be embarrassed to eat something. But do not eat if you are not hungry.
  2. Your two meals are separated by more than 6 hours The time between two meals should be about 4 to 6 hours. If more than 6 hours separate your meals, your body and your brain will need energy to continue functioning normally because the energy of the previous meal is already used. It is therefore necessary to feed regularly.
  3. You did a physical activity and the next meal is not at least 30 minutes after it
    After physical activity, it is important to rebuild the energy reserves of our muscles to avoid fatigue. (Yes, even if you are trying to lose weight the snack is very important!)

But what is a good snack

  • A good snack should start with a food that we like.
  • This food should also be consumed according to our appetite, so we should stop eating when we feel full.
  • The snack should be supportive. For that, you can combine a carbohydrate source and a protein source.

Here are some ideas for healthy snacks for kids