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Getting hungry at meals …

To fill this feeling of intense hunger, we can be tempted to eat anything that comes to hand. In addition, getting hungry at meals can lead us to eat faster, which also means eating beyond the feeling of satiety that is slow to feel. When you eat fast, you also take less time to savor food. We finish our plate, dissatisfied. The psychological hunger is not filled, we ask again to fill this need of satisfaction. These behaviors can lead to weight gain, not to mention the discomfort felt after eating too much .

So! Should we have snacks or not?

In an ideal situation, our hunger and satiety signals are there to tell us when to eat and when to stop eating. If hunger occurs between meals, it is better to listen to it and have a snack than to get hungry at the next meal. However, in some situations, it may be beneficial to take snacks even if there is no hunger:

When working, it can sometimes be difficult to feel hungry because our attention is focused on our task rather than our physical sensations. It is therefore beneficial to take a break to return our attention to the signals of our body and decide whether we should take a snack or not.

When for a long time, one has ignored his signals of hunger and satiation, they may not be reliably felt. Snacks, in combination with taking 3 meals a day, can help bring these signals back.