89 cheap clean eating snack ideas

To properly choose your snacks, you must understand that everything we eat brings nutrients to our body. Some are better for our health than others, which must be consumed in moderation. Experts in nutrition and weight loss agree on certain criteria for optimal snacks. Note that these guidelines are only a general guideline, with each person having different personal needs and goals.

This is about 150 calories per snack. The major contribution that one seeks in a snack is the carbohydrates to give the boost
of energy in the middle of the morning or afternoon. But beware, we prioritize high-fiber carbohydrates like fruits, nuts, or starchy vegetables like peas, corn, sweet potatoes, and so on. Another important element to bring: proteins. These are essential for assimilating carbohydrates in the blood and avoiding sugar crises and they contribute to the satisfaction of snacks. Fats also contribute to this feeling of pleasure, as long as they are natural (think nuts or seeds) and reasonable portion. Finally, we will think of the level of fibers that cut the feeling of hunger longer, and gives energy. We add a little bit of natural spring sugar, and we have the ideal snack!